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Youth are the hope and future of our nation. These young minds are full of ideas that need an encouraging environment, a platform to showcase their talent and get recognition. At VIBGYOR, we enlighten young minds, encourage them to explore, to express, to set goals and discover fun while learning.

Viva is a testimony of VIBGYOR’s vision of transforming lives globally by redefining knowledge ecosystems through passion and innovation. It is a platform to foster a community of young minds, allow them to grow and thrive through edutainment. It not only plays a predominant role in a student’s life but has also managed to etch a significant place for itself in the academic calendars across India.

The three-month long school festival is not just fun but it helps augment student’s learning experience. In their routine life which revolves around studies and achieving goals, this festival is like a breath of fresh air. Though it calls for arduous efforts, stern dedication, the festival replenishes student’s life with renewed vigour and enthusiasm.

In the last ten years, Viva has grown rapidly with the participation rising from 34 schools to staggering 1455 schools. In this short stretch, the event has managed to be the launchpad for over 1,17,055 young minds.
A fine mix of a multitude of events like sports, singing, dancing and performances, this event is possible because of all the stakeholders who work tirelessly to make it a grand success. As we kick start the latest edition, we resolve to make it bigger than before.

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