Sports and Performing arts is not only about winning, it’s also about helping build stronger, healthier, happier and safer children. It helps provide students of all ages with a solid ground work for their educational, emotional, social and creative development. It also inculcates the zeal to win and brings in the competitive spirit which encourages students to strive for excellence in life. Additionally, they are also capable of developing an understanding and an appreciation for different cultures, which in future can translate to an increased sense of tolerance and social acceptance. Sports and Performing arts programs encourage novelty and nonlinear thinking, skills that can be used not only in academic settings but in the professional world as well.

We at VIBGYOR Group of Schools have strived to create a program to cater to the budding enthusiasts with our structured curriculums, outreach programs and events with the help of our dedicated panel of in-house experts. Our motive aims at a well rounded educational experience focusing on the holistic development of every student, thus enabling us to develop a systematic curriculum that proffers in

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Introducing the child to education beyond the classroom through Indoor sports, Outdoor sports and performing arts activities.

Expose the child to varied sports and performing arts activities facilitating development of kinesthetic and spatial skills.

Identify the inherit capability of the child in selected sports and performing arts to provide specialized training in those areas.

Provide a platform for the child to excel and represent the school in interschool and state level competitions.